Guest Post! An Open Letter to Martha

26 Nov

Dear Martha Stewart,

Let me just start by saying I think we both know that I am not the only adoring fan that you have. There are many a young (and not so young) women who long to be just as creatively intelligent as you (minus that year or two you were kind of in the black books…we won’t discuss that here). Hell, my sister moved to PEI for a year to become “Martha”. It worked too- we all reap the benefits of her year becoming a Pastry Chef!

Anyway, my point here is Martha, that I represent all the creative people that cannot always afford the fancy-dancy items in your crafts….let alone drop the cash for “Martha” name brand stuff. Don’t get me wrong. It’s all great. I just can’t afford it at the moment, what with having to pay a mortgage and bills every month and, from time to time, I do need to eat. As I am not one to point out problems without trying to at least attempt to find a solution, I have an idea for you. Dedicate one issue, that’s all I’m asking for, one issue, of Martha Stewart Living to “On a Budget Projects”! You know, stuff that young creative women like myself may have around the house already. Scrap paper, empty 2 litre bottles of pop and Kraft Dinner boxes and crayons. I bet you could think of some pretty sweet stuff to make with all of those things… maybe not all for the same project though.

In the November edition you make a lot of cute ornaments and decorations out of doilies. Come on Martha, doilies? Not something a 25 year old is going to have around the house, nor do I have time to run out and get them. Although, I did just receive my weekly 50% off coupon from Michael’s. I know this sounds like a whole bunch of complaints and negativity, but the point I am trying to get across is this- I love you Martha. I want to feel like I am in your league. I’m sure that you didn’t use ALL expensive craft items before you built the awesome empire that is “Martha”. Don’t forget your roots. Don’t Peace me out…

Your Loving, Albeit Cheap, Fan,


Editor’s Note: Thank you Lindsey! Only a few days remaining in Blo Po-ing and I’m farming it out. Maybe it’s because I am sick. Maybe it’s because I had some marking to do tonight. Or maybe (and far more likely) I am just lazy. If you too are interested in having your letter openly posted on my blog this week, you know where to find me.

One Response to “Guest Post! An Open Letter to Martha”

  1. Lise December 9, 2008 at 11:36 am #

    I hear you, sister soul train. I remember when Martha made wedding centrepieces from 2L pop bottles. While I was horrified at the time, you don’t see that cheapo creativity anymore. Now she’s an “enterprise”.

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