I’ll Admit It

3 Dec

I failed at NaBloPoMo. A number of events conspired against me and by Saturday, I just had nothing. Nothing in terms of writing that is. I did have a wicked hanger-on-of-a-cold, a messy house, a visit from in-law-ishes, a staff holiday dinner and planning to be done for the week I am now halfway through. I know, poor bibsy, right? Never fear. As they say, we’re all winners. I was a (self-declared) winner at NaBloPoLess. It’s all in the framing.

Today, I think you need to do some reading. I think you need to know what the hells bells is going on in the political machine of Canada. So go here and then go here.

The first explains the Canadian political system and demonstrates how we got ourselves in this hot mess in the first place.  It has a bit of a left slant, but it’s also funny. And she knits too!

The second is DMs rant to which I give a hearty “what-what”! The email he references came from me. It was sent to me by someone with whom I went to school. Have no fear, this person (whose gender and identity shall remain secret to protect the ignorant) is busy shaping the minds of our youth. Shudder.

Also, DM and I thought that for the last day of NaBloPoMo, we could write a letter to each other. DM is still waiting for his letter. I received a lovely one. I dare you not to choke up.

2 Responses to “I’ll Admit It”

  1. Tyreke December 7, 2008 at 10:38 am #

    NaBloPoMo…you show is a PoMoFo excuse for a blogger!

    Why does Tyreke even waste his time gangsta walkin’ to this site when the shorty that own this site can’t even maintain her postin’ duties?

    dang, what a brotha gotta do to get some service round here?

  2. sabiq December 10, 2008 at 3:35 am #

    nice blog…
    im from indonesia… :D
    nice to meet you..

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