20 Jun

I have been bonkers obsessed with The Joy the Baker Podcast. You can tell this because I just used the word ‘bonkers’.

One of the ideas that came about was a Summer Bucket List. I am a fierce participator in other bucket list-esque activities (see: My full Life List and my Thirtieth Birthday Year list). While I can recognize that there is much left to do on a grand scale, the idea of making a smaller list of things I’d like to get around to in the next months gives the upcoming season a bit of a glossy sheen.

I’m teaching English online for the month of July. Megavacations (such as Iceland 2010) require a great deal of time and a great deal of cheese. And not the cheddar kind either. Infusing the time I DO have with a bit of awesome seems brilliant and will help me to feel less like I squandered the days alternating between student essays and Shades of Grey and more like I made steps in the direction of Being a Person Who Gets Stuff Done.

Shucket in a Bucket

1. Supervolcano! I have romantic ideas about road trips. I also loves me some volcanic activity. When I’m done teaching, I’d like to point some wheels in the direction of Yellowstone. GEYSER! I visited Geysir in Iceland – the one that gave it’s name to all other geysers. To gush, indeed.

2. Ladies Agree Books Is Awesome (LABIA). We also agree that it’s okay to sacrifice proper grammar for the sake of a great acronym.

3. Podcast start-up. This one makes me both nervous and excited. Also, feeling like I am exposing my soft white fish belly to the whole Intarwebs. #scotch

4.  Camp Loopy and Crocheted Afghan. I have taken on an ambitious knitting project through The Loopy Ewe. I have also finally learned to crochet a granny square and have designs on a brilliantly coloured afghan. Oh boy.

5.  Gourmet Popsicles both with and without booze. This one is underway as I type. I purchased some sweet molds and began my first experiment last night in the world of fruit and yogurt popsicle combos. I also found this. One hundred! Boom diggity!

6.  Cold River Swimming. Robyn and I? We have a swimming hole. It’s in Wakefield, Quebec. And the best thing to do is float in the dark, cold river water then hit up The Black Sheep Inn for some refreshments. Then more swimming. Then ice cream. We’re grown-ups. we do what we want.

7.   Ballet/Pilates. This place I found has adult ballet. It’s a been a number of years on that front, but I want to give it a shot again. not because I’m going to play Clara in The Nutcracker, but because I like the way it feels to stand at a barre and do something prescribed.

8.   Rollerskate. I have access to rollerskates. They’re black and they’re old school and they belonged to my stepfather. I want to get some time in on them. I have roller derby ambitions. Maid of the Fist, anyone?

9.   Blog it out. And done. Kind of.

10. Cookbook Cooking. I love how a cookbook looks and feels. It contains endless potential. I need to work hearder this summer at turning that potential into something more tangible. So I’ve picked Bills Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and old issues of Delicious magazine from when I lived in Australia. I miss the Australian food aesthetic. I want to eat that way again. And I may or may not have a huge super-secret celebrity chef crush on Bill Granger.

Bring it on, summer.

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